Brett Bachelor Case

Testimony on the case from witness before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee, Sept-Nov 1997:  " I represented Mr. Kenneth Mullins in State of Florida v. Mullins, Case Number 79-5025-D, Circuit Court of the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of the State of Florida.  Mr. Mullins, along with a co-defendant by the name of Mr. Brett Bachelor, was charged with first-degree murder and robbery of an older gentleman in the Hyde Park area of Tampa.  The co-defendant was arrested immediately after the murder, went to trial, and was convicted of second-degree murder, after which he was sentenced to ten years in the Florida State Prison. This co-defendant always maintained his innocence.

Following the co-defendant's trial, my client was arrested, and I was immediately retained to represent his interests. After extensive pre-trial discovery, I was able to convince the State Attorney's office of Hillsborough County that both my client and the co-defendant did not commit this crime. As a result, the charges against my client and the co-defendant were dismissed and the co-defendant was freed after spending approximately one year in prison.

A very interesting event just took place in this case several months ago. Another person allegedly confessed to committing this murder and has been indicted by the Hillsborough County grand jury for first-degree murder. To my knowledge, the case has not been disposed of. "

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