Chester Times; July 8, 1947

Jailed 21 Years In Error - Given $10 And A Suit

By International News Service

A 49-year-old convict will leave Eastern Penitentiary in Philadelphia this week after serving 21 years for a murder he did not commit.

Frank Harris, negro, formerly of Philadelphia, will carry a recommendation from the State Pardon Board and a commutation of sentence signed by Gov. James H. Duff.

He entered prison on a life term in 1926, convicted by a Philadelphia Quarter Sessions jury of the fatal shooting of Wilbert McQueen.  Both were being arrested by two patrolmen for questioning when several shots were fired.

Harris carried a 32-calibre revolver at the time and the jury decided that he had fired the bullets which killed McQueen,

A year ago Herbert L. Maris, an attorney, interested himself in the case. With the help of Detective Lt. George Spangler, Maris proved that the bullet came from a police revolver.

Maris said that upon his release Harris will get only $10 and a suit of clothing when he steps from the prison gates.