News Article Excerpts
(Taken from Dredmund Higgins Database)

Seattle Times 10/9/94
& San Diego Union & Tribune 12/11/94

"The victim identified one of her assailants as a black man with a gold cap on his left front tooth, and picked Daye out of a lineup. Daye has a silver cap on his right front tooth"

"He was identified by both the victim and a bystander"

"Daye gave a police officer a phony name, had a leaky alibi and a prison record"

"There was a progression in the victim's identification," he
said. "In the photo lineup, she said, 'That looks like the guy'; in the physical lineup, she said, 'I think that's the one'. But then in front of the jury, she burst into tears and said, 'That's him! I'll
never forget that face!' "

After the release, "The victim said on TV that she still thinks (Daye) did it."