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Churchill County, NV Harold Guyette Mar 12, 1966

Harold Chester Guyette was convicted of one count of murder after allegedly committing a double homicide.  On Mar. 12, 1966, Savin' Sam's, a mom-and-pop truck stop between the towns of Fernley and Lovelock, was robbed.  The operators, Dean Briggs and his mother, Eva Briggs, were both fatally shot.  After being arrested for an outstanding traffic citation in his home state of Indiana, Guyette, 20, was questioned about the double homicide in Nevada.  He admitted being in the area with his 17-year-old wife on a drive back from California.  His wife's stepfather had called Nevada authorities and told them the two had been in the area.  However, neither had been to the location of the murders.

On the basis of these statements, Guyette and his wife, Mary Lou, were extradited to Nevada.  The authorities made Mary Lou write letters to her husband, telling him to confess so she could get out of jail.  Guyette was denied legal counsel.  Eventually, Guyette did confess so Mary Lou could find witnesses and help.  Mary Lou did find witnesses and help, but Guyette was convicted of murdering Dean Briggs.  Witnesses placed Guyette and his wife 197 miles away at the time of the murders.  Guyette was released in 1972, officially on the technicality of being denied legal counsel.  As of 2008, Guyette is still fighting for official exoneration.  (www.haroldguyette.com) (Google)  [10/05]



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