Not Guilty: Thirty Six Actual Cases in Which
An Innocent Man Was Convicted
by Judge Jerome Frank and Barbara Frank

Excerpt on

Anthony Piano

In March 1937 a gang held up and robbed a retired mailman, George Fleet, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The police arrested twenty-year-old Anthony Piano as a member of the holdup gang. Identified by the mailman, Fleet, Piano went to trial. After the jury's guilty verdict the judge sentenced the prisoner to not less than two and not more than four years in the workhouse. Months later the police arrested eighteen-year­old Charles Pampana, implicated by other members of the gang. When the police confronted Fleet with Pampana, the mailman immediately recognized Pampana as the boy he had thought was Piano. Piano's conviction was set aside and the prosecutor dismissed the suit. In October 1937, after seven months' imprisonment, Piano was freed.


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