The Innocents (1964)
by Edward D. Radin

Excerpts on

Louis Bennett

When police in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, told Louis William Bennett that his fingerprints had been found on a doorstop believed to have been used in the murder of Fred Ernest, seventy-seven, Bennett confessed, pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to thirty-five years in prison. He had been drinking for several days, had no recollection of events, and assumed that he was guilty. It wasn't until later that he recalled he had painted the doorstop for the elderly man, with whom he had been friendly. Some three years later, on December 21, 1960, he received an unconditional pardon when another man confessed to the murder.


Louis BENNETT, Bartlesville, Oklahoma
Trial, July, 1957, District Court; pleaded guilty to manslaughter; sentenced by Judge Jesse Worten to 35 years. Pardon issued December, 1960. Imprisoned 3½ years. Actual culprit confessed. No compensation.