Santa Rosa Inmate Raped By Cellmate, Then Beaten By Guards For Refusing To Go Back For More!

Lance's mother has asked that I tell her son's story. I have chosen to let him tell it in his own words. The URL included will take you to witness statements and people you can contact to ask that the Florida DOC allow Lance to spend the last month of his incarceration at a safe prison like Quincy, South Bay, or Sumter.

Kay Lee

WARNING: This story is graphic in nature and real life words are used.  Proceed with caution...

NOTE: Lance Fierke is due to go home in only one month.

Lance Fierke's Report Of The Rape And Beating

Witness Statements and Contacts at (link no longer working)


Hi Mom,

It's me again. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is I saw my counselor Mrs. Hooten today and she has set me up with a counselor when I am released in a month.

OK, here's the bad news. When I lost my good roommate because he got a job, another roommate moved in from CMII named Hyatt. We didn't get along at all. Not only did he overpower me and try to choke me, but he RAPED me!

This happened on 6-24-01 at 8:30 am. I was ashamed of what happened, so when I talked to the officers about getting moved on 6-25-01, I was denied. Around 6:25 pm last night (6-25-01) we were taken to the showers. I refused to go back in the room after they took my roommate back to the cell. Officer Duremus came to me in the shower and offered me protective management and I agreed to it. Then Sgt. Gilow (sp?) came to me and said, "What's this about you refusing to go back in your cell?" I told him I requested P.M. (Protective Management) and he walked away. Then Officer Dean approached me 5 minutes later. He told me to cuff up and go back to the cell or I was going to be gassed in the shower. So I cuffed up and when I got back to the cell my room mate (Hyatt) was yelling, "Keep me out of your business (which means anus), I'm going to fuck you up!"

Hyatt had already told me he was going to rape me again when I came back from the shower. So I looked at Officer Duramus and Officer Dean and said, "Please don't put me in that cell." When they opened the cell door I turned to run. Officer Dean grabbed me (I was still cuffed up from behind) and told me to stop and stated, "You're fixing to get slammed on the ground."

Before I knew it I was slammed on the ground and Officer Dean had put his left knee on my right knee. Then he bent my right leg into an "L" shape, pulling up on my ankle trying to dislocate my kneecap. He wrenched the handcuffs on my wrists till there was no circulation as he continuously tried to pry my leg upward while holding it with his knee. I was then put in shackles on my ankles and taken to medical.

I told Captain Burnham why I was scared of my room mate and I asked her if I was going to be stripped or gassed or what? She told me she was going to give me a room change. Another Officer (I don't know who) said, "Take him to the hospital". They put chains on me and took me to the hospital in Defuniak Springs where they examined my anus and ran a blood test.

When I got back (2:30am) they took blood in Medical for STD`s. I was then seen by Captain Rhodes. I made a complete statement against Officer Dean. I also asked him how I could be safe here with the guy who raped me working as an orderly and his homeboys working as orderlies? He said "maybe" they will transfer me closer to home since I am so close to getting out.

Bottom line, the hospital couldn't find any proof because it was a day later that I was examined. I tried my best though. I have every intention of filing charges against inmate Hyatt. So not only does Captain Rhodes have my witness statement against Officer Dean but Captain Burnham has my witness statement informing her about the rape and use of force.

If you like you can give a copy of this to the FBI and FDLE. As soon as you get this letter let me know as things have a way of getting lost in the mail.

Overall I am fine Mom,

Lance Fierke
Santa Rosa CI
5850 East Milton Road
Milton, Florida 32583


Saturday, June 30, 2001

My sister (in Hawaii) called Santa Rosa tonight (6-30-02)....and was told the same old "witnesses are just inmates" shit. The guy (no name unfortunately) said that inmate witnesses don't count. Yeah, until they're testifying for the prosecution....

I got a letter from Lance saying he has another room mate now, and a change of cell #. He's had this roommate before. so as far as I know this one is ok (non predatory). His new cell address is: B-2113 . His roommate is Robert Grimsley DC# 461382.

He's still in a lot of danger because he filed a statement against Officer Dean and inmate Hyatt. He should be transferred out of there, period. He's not going to drop the complaints.

Donna Fierke


Please contact the authorities to urge them to transfer Lance Fierke to a
safer facility.  Witness Statements and Contacts at  (link no longer working)