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New Castle County, DE Rev. Bernard Pagano 1979
Rev. Bernard Pagano, a Roman Catholic priest from Baltimore, was accused by witnesses of being the gun-toting "Gentleman Bandit" who had robbed a number of stores in Delaware and Pennsylvania.  Seven eyewitnesses testified that Pagano was the perpetrator.  Pagano was acquitted at the last minute because of the confession of Ronald Clouse of Brookhaven, PA to the crimes.  Clouse bore a slight resemblance to Pagano.  In 1981, CBS aired a TV movie, "The Gentleman Bandit," that was loosely based on Pagano's case.  [7/05]


New Castle County, DE Mark Kirk Dec 5, 1996 (New Castle)

Mark Anthony Kirk was convicted of triple homicide for allegedly starting an apartment house fire that killed three people.  The fire began on a stove in Kirk's apartment in Building 8 of the Beaver Brook Apartments.  Police interrogated Kirk for hours, and engaged in psychological manipulations including threatening him with a death sentence.  Kirk eventually confessed to accidentally starting the fire.  He said he was using an electric burner on the stove to light a cigarette when he spilled a bottle of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum on the burner, causing the fire.

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