Individual Case Summaries


Individual case summaries have their own web page and can be viewed separately by entering a URL address.  Most addresses contain the website address followed by the /state abbreviation/ followed by the individual's last name/ followed by a period and htm.  For example the summary for Leon Chambers of Mississippi is at  These summaries all lack a colored background.  You cannot substitute small letters for capitals.  Some states have more than one person with the same last name and require one or two initials with the last name.  For example TAtkins for Timothy Atkins or TLJones for Troy Lee Jones.  Alabama has a Bill Wilson and a Betty Wilson who share the same first initial and last name.  The summaries for these individuals require BillWilson and BettyWilson in the URL address.


Cases involving group names use abbreviation such as BW for Berdue & Wildred, Q5 for Quincy Five, or MP for McMartin Preschool.  However, Oklahoma has a Ward & Fontenot and a Williamson & Fritz, which would normally share the same abbreviation.  Ward & Fontenot uses WF while Williamson & Fritz uses RW&DF.


U.S. Federal cases require "Fed" in the place of a state abbreviation.  Canadian cases require "Canada", while Foreign cases require "Foreign."